PowerDoF Ice Cream Maker and Automatic Frozen Yogurt machine


Double-layer insulation design + high-quality frozen liquid, cool storage performance is superior.

Homemade simple, away from additives, safe and secure, healthy and delicious.

Easy operation starts and stops with one button.

Making ice cream and yogurt in one machine.

Make ice cream with 1.5L container and yogurt with 1.2L container.


1.Simple and compact design will fit any counter

2.Transparent cover design, so that the production process at a glance

3.Can make a variety of flavored ice cream or yogurt according to their own taste

4.Low-power motor, less power, quieter, more natural, more environmentally friendly

5.Fully automatic design, easy to operate, a key to control, just 20-25 minutes, you can enjoy delicious and delicious ice cream.



Electricity:220-240V, 50Hz, 15W

Accessory:Yogurt bowl (PP) and lids (PP)

Capacity:Ice cream: 1.5L, Yogurt: 1.2L

Material:ABS, PS, ALUM, PP

Power cord length:1.2 M length

N. Weight:2.5KG


Product size:24.4*19.8*25.6 cm

Packing box size:26.2*21.6*31.2 cm

Package Included:

1 x Machine

1 x User manual

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